Thursday, March 7, 2013


Please pardon my heading. I know it is offensive, but on March 7th CBC published the following headline which is equally offensive:

Nahlah Ayed: The Iraq invasion 10 years on, was it worth it?


Can you imagine CBC publishing a headline like mine; "The Holocaust, was it worth it?"

The invasion of Iraq was a massive war crime and human rights abuse, which caused suffering for millions of innocent people. Moreover the perpetrators of this crime have not been brought to justice. It is totally inappropriate to evaluate it as if it were a simple balance between good and bad points.

How about other similar headlines; "Charles Manson's murder spree, was it worth it?"; or "Mass rapes in Bosnia, was it worth it?"

How can CBC be so indifferent to the suffering and injustice done to Iraqis, and seemingly so forgiving of the American criminals that caused it, to publish a headline like this?

CBC's bias comes shining through here. It is a bias for imperialism and war, especially when the victims are Arabs or Muslims.

It is a war journalism because it seeks to treat as normal and acceptable something which should not be treated this way.

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