Monday, March 18, 2013


This silly headline appeared on March 18, 2013:

     Israel's Netanyahu says new government wants peace

        As new cabinet sworn in, PM says Israel ready for a 'historic concession' to end conflict with Palestinians

This is an entirely meaningless claim by Netanyahu. It does not deserve a headline, because it signifies nothing related to any reality.
It is misleading to give what is essentially meaningless rhetoric a headline. As a minimum, CBC should have not used the words "SAYS", but should have used the word "CLAIMS", so that readers would get a more accurate sense of how meaningless these words really are.
It would be more realistic if the headline were:  "Netanyahu says Israel wants its cake in the West bank, and wants to eat it too."
Netanyahu said nothing about giving justice to the Palestinians, nor did he indicate what "concessions" he would make to them. In his mind, it is probably a "historic concession" just to let them stay alive in their homes.
The peace process is just a mask to hide what is an ongoing policy of expropriation of Palestinian land and a campaign of ethnic cleansing. Netanyahu is just adjusting the mask with these words (in advance of a visit from Obama), but there is absolutely NO reason to believe he means to abandon Israel's continuous policies of taking maximum land in Palestine with the minimum number of non-Jews on the land they take.
There is also strong evidence that Netanyahu and his government DO NOT WANT PEACE. The status quo has worked well for Israel. They have continuously expanded their territory throughout the phony peace process, and they probably do not want this to end until they have taken over all of the West Bank and driven out as many Palestinians as possible. Peace now would have to mean an end to this expansion before Israel's goals of a total takeover are met. There is no reason to believe that Israel will abandon this goal.
Why does CBC pretend that this mask represents a reality by giving this claim a headline?
Journalists are supposed to look behind the mask, not pretend it is reality and present it in headlines as if it were real news.

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