Sunday, March 10, 2013


Foreign Minister Baird often claims that Canada and Israel have the same values.
Perhaps that is true if both countries scorn the rule of law as Baird obviously does.
Virtually the same day that Baird was down in Washington speaking at the AIPAC (Israel Lobby Group) conference, where he again bragged that Canada and Israel share the same values, this UN report came out:
Is this another value shared by Canada and Israel; the abuse of children?
Is there any chance that Baird will openly denounce Israel for the abuse of Palestinian children, or should we just be grateful that he doesn't praise them for it?
And CBC which is always so keen on publishing dirt on the Arabs, why have they neglected this UN report?

This would have been a great opportunity for CBC to juxtapose Baird's statements with the Palestinian reality?
Where is the CBC Middle East correspondent, Nahlah Ayed on this? Too busy digging up dirt on Egyptians?


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