Thursday, March 7, 2013


Baird warns Palestinians of 'consequences' for pursuing Israel

This was a headline on March 6th in CBC online.

Also there was a photo with a caption saying the following:

       Baird told a pro-Israel group on Sunday that further actions against Israel would be noticed.

Notice the use of words like "pursuing" and further actions" makes it look like Israel is being victimized.
Just because Foreign Minister Baird has no understanding of the Israel/Palestine situation, this is no reason for CBC to use his misguided words, especially in a headline.
Taking Israel to court is a non-violent, peaceful, democratically-sanctioned way to deal with perceived injustice. The Palestinians are not "pursuing Israel", they are pursuing justice.
If their case is weak, the Court will determine that. Baird's threat to punish Palestinians for seeking justice non-violently is disgraceful, and it shames Canada. Why does CBC hide the reality of this shame with weasel words, and not expose Baird for the disgrace he is?

Perhaps it is because CBC shares Baird's unbalanced support for Israel, as revealed by these words later in the same article:

      Palestinian officials have said they would have no choice but to pursue Israel at the International Criminal Court to halt construction of new settlements in what it claims as its territory.
Really? Is it just a "claim" to this territory, or is it recognized as Palestinian territory by virtually every government in the world, including the Canadian Government?
Canadians deserve better than this kind of reporting.

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