Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This article was published in CBC online on March 4:


Quebec mother of terror suspect warns other parents

Son, now in Syria, on Canadian spy agency's watch list

This article must be seen in context.
It was produced in the context of many other articles and statements by Prime Minister Harper that point to Muslim fundamentalism as a threat to Canada.

If a similar slough of articles and government statements had been made about a threat of Jewish fundamentalism,
CBC would not be contributing to the deception, but would be denouncing them as racist or anti-Semitic.

Religious fundamentalism is definitely a concern, because it often attracts vulnerable young people.
However in Canada we have Jewish youth and Christian youth who are also carried away by religious fundamentalism.
The Jewish fundamentalists go off to Israel and brutalize Palestinians in support of their ideology.
Some Christian fundamentalists join the US military and travel to the other side of the world to kill non-Christians in support of their ideology.
None of these are good things, but it is hard to see why a Muslim fundamentalist traveling to Syria is more of a concern to Canada than the others.

If this article had addressed the issue of youths of all religious or non-religious backgrounds being seduced by fundamentalist religions, it would be useful and informative.

But given the context of Islamophobia promoted by Western media, including CBC, this article, which only mentions a Muslim youth, is misleading and provocative.

These are weaponized words of war journalism designed to build on a structure of vilification and fear of Muslims abroad and within Canada.

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