Sunday, March 24, 2013


For the three days of Obama's visit to Israel (including a brief visit to Palestine),'s main headlines were reporting on the visit as if it was a positive event. The amazing thing is how little substance there was to any of the reporting. There was no analysis and everything said by Obama was taken at face value. Given his past record, there is no evidence that his words have any credibility or truth in them, so why  couldn't CBC apply a little analysis to them? Is it because Obama was spouting mostly Israeli propaganda, and CBC liked what they heard?
The main outcome of Obama's visit was to signal to Israel that they can do virtually anything they want to the Palestinians and America will support them. America will remain totally blind to the human rights of the Palestinians. This is a warmongering message, because there can never be peace until Palestinian rights are taken into full recognition. CBC is committed to war journalism, not peace journalism, so Obama's lying speech seems to have suited CBC just fine.
It might also be repeated that there was virtually no quotations from Palestinians, or serious reporting on the Palestinian position regarding Obama, except to say there was opposition to his visit from Palestinians.
The following words written by a Palestinian-American in the blog, War is a Crime, sums up the true situation perfectly (highlighting mine):
"It is hard to describe the level of frustration that I had watching the theater of media frenzy (devoid of any real substance) about Obama's visit.  Obama gave a new lifeline to war and conflict by avoiding human rights and international law.  It is the missing ingredient that for the past 65 years precluded peaceful resolution. It is the twisted logic that says the insecurity of the thief must be the only thing to be dealt with by ensuring the victims first recognize the legitimacy of the theft and the legitimacy of the need for the thief to first have full security and immunity from accountability for the theft before the victim is put in the room with the armed thief so that they can work out something (vague and without reference to International law). That formula has been shown to be a disaster and has kept Apartheid and colonization going."
Will the day ever come when CBC could at least publish a perfectly legitimate view such as this, alongside all its Israeli propaganda?   

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