Friday, April 6, 2018

Shame on CBC. Shame on Canada

Here are some passages from today's article:

Many of those killed were militants, said Israel, which stationed sharpshooters on the frontier to stop Palestinians attempting "any breach of the security infrastructure and fence, which protects Israeli civilians."

David Keyes, an Israeli government spokesperson, accused Hamas of having instigated violent protests along the border. "This is a travesty for the Palestinian people that the Hamas government is encouraging its people to attack Israel, it is encouraging its people to commit acts of violence," he said.

Israel is killing children intentionally to scare the legitimate protestors. Why continually quote ;lies and nonsense from Israeli sources? Is this balanced journalism? The article said two boys ages 16 and 17 were killed today. When Israel justifies this killing, calling them "militants", does CBC need to quote and echo this grotesque claim without comment?

And the quote from David Keyes, lamenting the violence of the protestors and trying to blame Hamas for Israel's murders - does this warrant publishing? It is nonsense. It is blaming the victim. Why cannot CBC say somewhere that 27 Palestinians were killed, many of them children, and no Israeli even suffered a bruise. Why does CBC not emphasize that not one foot crossed into Israeli territory, but Israel fired thousands of rounds of weapons across the border into Gaza?

Have the journalists at CBC no shame?

And here is how they end this article:

Israel said it is doing what it must to defend its border and that its troops have been responding with riot dispersal means and fire "in accordance with the rules of engagement."

Israel has been the target of thousands of rocket strikes from Gaza over the past few years. Palestinian militant groups have also dug tunnels under the border barrier to smuggle weapons, and to launch attacks.


What is the relevance of the last paragraph? They have no room in the article to question the excessive violence of Israel, but they throw in this gratuitous paragraph that seeks to justify Israel's crimes.

And another absurd quote from Israel without any analysis. Was the border really threatened by the protestors? What are these "rules of engagement"? Put them in writing. Does include lines like "Shoot to kill children if they throw stones"? Tell the world that these are Israel's so-called "rules of engagement" and let the readers decide if Israel does not deserve the maximum censure. But no - CBC works for Israel - just echoes Israel's bullshit and never offers any substantial criticism.

I am sick as a Canadian of Jewish descent to see this kind of reporting coming out of our national broadcaster.

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