Friday, April 20, 2018

"Led by Hamas" - Who Says?

CBC never gives it a rest. It works tirelessly for its Zionist masters (but not for us Canadians that pay the bills). Look at this sub-headline:

Gaza officials say 2 killed by Israeli troop gunfire in border protests

The weeks-long protests, led by Hamas, are to culminate in a mass march on May 15

The protestors have said that they are not being led by Hamas - that there are citizens groups taking the lead. But Israel says Hamas is responsible, and Hamas is bad, so the protests are bad. So CBC has to add the totally unnecessary phrase "led by Hamas" in the sub-heading. Because for CBC  if Israel says it, it must be repeated and believed.

What CBC does not add, not even in a phrase like "led by Hamas" is a phrase like "Israeli war crimes", "cold-blooded murder by Israeli snipers". 

How about revising the above headline as follows: Gaza officials say 2 killed, in cold blooded murder, by Israeli SNIPER gunfire in border protests

NO CBC must add "led by Hamas" even if it is possibly untrue, but would never dream of adding "in an act of cold-blooded murder" even though it is absolutely true and obvious.

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