Tuesday, April 10, 2018

CBC Continues to Shame Canada

Here are some quotes from today:

"The man's death brings to 32 the number of people killed by Israeli fire since March 30. Out of that number, 26 were killed during the protests at the Gaza-Israel border. Among the others killed were Palestinian gunmen who had attempted to cross into Israel and two militants killed by Israeli forces."

      Nowhere does CBC say that the Israeli forces did not suffer even a single bruise or scratch, but casually reports that 26 Palestinians were killed. How can CBC ignore the manner of their killing? They were unarmed and shot intentionally.

""Israel says the protests are a smoke screen for attacks on its troops and attempts to breach the border fence. It says militants have attempted to carry out shootings, plant bombs or infiltrate the fence, and that its snipers have only fired at "instigators" trying to carry out attacks."

      Israel says this, but there is absolutely no reason to believe this. At least CBC should add that Israel refuses to have an independent enquiry of what happened, probably because it does not want the lies that CBC so willingly publishes to be shown as lies.

""In a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry criticized what it described as Israel's "indiscriminate use of force against the civilian population."""

      Notice how CBC puts the Russian claim in scare quotes, as if it was not indiscriminate use of force against civilians. Of course it was, and is. Why the scare quotes? And note that CBC quotes only Russians, who are supposed to be our enemies, and have no credibility, but does not quote the leader of the Canadian Green Party, Elizabeth May, who said the same thing.

""The strike came a day after the chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court raised concerns that Israel and Hamas may have committed war crimes during the current spasm of violence.""

     Yes claim that both Israel and the Palestinians have committed potential war crimes, but there is not a bruise or a scratch on any Israelis, so is this really a balanced situation, CBC?

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