Friday, April 20, 2018

CBC weak attempt at balance

Little Israel rates a headline article for its Independence Day. There are almost 200 countries in the world. For the vast majority of them, CBC makes no comment on their Independence days., but little Israel is BIG in CBC's eyes.

Israel celebrates 70th anniversary of independent Jewish state

Day of celebration is sombre day of commemoration for Palestinians who lost 1948 Arab-Israeli war

Note the sub-heading. It is an Israeli interpretation of events, but CBC does not indicate this. It just states it as a fact. The real commemoration is of the Nakba, the disastrous campaign of ETHNIC CLEANSING carried out by Israel to get rid of Palestinians who had lived in the area for generations if not millennia.

The article indicates that Palestinians and Israeli scholars have documented and proven that there was a brutal, even murderous, campaign of ethnic cleansing that created the Nakba, but CBC feels it is necessary to quote Israeli sources that repeat the myth and lies that the exodus was simply the result of a "war". And CBC chose to reflect this bullshit in its sub-heading above.

Also while Israelis are celebrating their state, they also have snipers on the Gaza border daily committing war crimes - something to be ashamed of enough to dampen their celebratory mood. But not for racists, which is what most Israelis are as well as CBC and all its Zionists handlers. They are all racists, who if called out for their racism, immediately start screaming "anti-Semitism" at the very people who are the least racist on earth - non-Muslim, non-Arab supporters of justice for Palestinians are the diametric opposite of racists. The Zionists are the arch-racists.

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