Sunday, April 15, 2018

CBC's "morality"

Today CBC quoted US Vice President in a headline saying US did the morally right thing in attacking Syria.

Does journalist ethics prevent CBC from providing a bit of context???

For example, the US has no right to be the world's policeman. This attack was a crime under international law. The US has done much worse than Assad over the last 70 years, literally killing millions of innocents in Vietnam and elsewhere and regularly using chemical weapons like Agent Orange.  

The Trump and his UN rep cried crocodile tears about the suffering Syrian children, but this was gross hypocrisy, because over the last few decades the US has killed tens of thousands of Arab children, poisoned them with depleted uranium in Iraq, and ruined their lives by destroying Iraq and Libya. Trump's hypocrisy is so blatant, that it deserves a comment by the media.

Apparently 40 were killed in Douma, but 30 have been killed by Israeli snipers in Gaza over the last two weeks., but no crocodile tears from Trump or Nikki Haley.

And certainly CBC would never, never, ever draw a link between these two events.

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