Saturday, January 2, 2016

Why Do They Hate Us?

This is an ignorant question, but it is made by many, because the media has intentionally kept them ignorant. Anyone who is familiar with the myriad crimes against Muslim societies perpetrated by the West in the last 100 years, would ask "Why do they not hate us even more?"

I will not list the crimes, but one of the worst of them all was the creation of the State of Israel in the Muslim heartland against the wishes of the indigenous people, followed by 70 years of continued abuse of these same people.

CBC will not honestly describe the terrible treatment by Israel of the Palestinians, but the rest of the Muslim world is very aware of them. When Israel goes on a killing spree as I mentioned above, CBC papers the brutality over, but it is made very clear to the 1.5 billion Muslims around the world.

When CBC protects Israel, through fuzzy, misleading or simply lying reporting, it denies Canadians the chance to understand the world around us. CBC never stops reporting on ISIS abuses, but it is misleading if CBC never points out the role that Israel plays, the ongoing role, that creates the ISIS problem.

ISIS is terrible and we need to understand the threat, but the more immediate threat to Canadians is the occupation of our national broadcaster, CBC, by interests that work for Israel against Canadian interests.

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