Sunday, January 3, 2016

Extremists? Arsonists? Not Terrorists?

The killing of the Palestinian toddler and his parents absolutely fits the definition of terrorism, yet CBC which freely calls Muslims terrorists at every opportunity, refrains from doing that when the obvious terrorism perpetrators are Israeli.

This is today's headline:

Israel indicts Jewish extremists in arson attack that killed Palestinian toddler, parents

Of course CBC will not mention that Israel applies collective punishment to the families of Palestinian terrorists, such as destroying their family homes and harming their innocent relatives, but Israel would never dream of doing the same to the families of Israeli terrorists.

CBC regularly uses vocabulary in a misleading fashion, and often the main news is in what they do not report, rather than in what they do report.

And you have to wonder if the CBC failure to call these Israeli terrorists as terrorists is simply because CBC allows Israel to write their copy for them. I guess since they work for Israel, that would simply be more efficient.

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