Sunday, January 24, 2016

CBC Still Demonizing Iran

While every decent and intelligent person is supportive of the US-Iran negotiations to replace threats of violence and real violence with negotiations, CBC still wants to keep the door open for war. One really has to ask WHY?

This article, another example of CBC's weaponized words, was published on January 24:

'U.S.-Iran tango' enters new era after end of sanctions

Iran opening its doors to the West, but fears remain about its role in the volatile region

In the article Iran is described as the "would-be nuclear power". What does this mean? Is this based on any real evidence that Iran wants to be a nuclear power? Does CBC regularly refer to Israel by a phrase such as this - perhaps as the "illegal occupier" or the "presumed nuclear power"? Why does Iran deserve this misleading ad damning epithet? WHY?

The article is supposedly "balanced" by quoting several moronic and war mongering Americans who are still obsessing about the supposed danger of Iran. What do these moronic Americans really know about anything? They are just spouting nonsense and propaganda, and does CBC really need to echo this crap?

The article is designed to leave a wide trail of suspicion about Iran, when the real news is that Iran is trying desperately to be readmitted to full membership in the world of nations - a departure from which was unfairly engineered by a slough of Israeli and American propagandists. They failed to win the day. Why does CBC still hold on so desperately to their propaganda? Why can CBC not welcome the possibility of peace with Iran? Is it perhaps because Israel is still pushing to isolate and punish Iran for Israel's own nefarious purposes? But how does this kind of reporting serve Canadians?

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