Monday, January 18, 2016

Shot Dead Versus Moderately Wounded

CBC clearly values Jewish lives and well-being more highly than those of Palestinians. Over the last several months over a hundred Palestinians were killed by Israelis, and many of them were children and teenagers. No Palestinian would ever warrant a headline for just being "moderately wounded."

On January 18th gave us this headline:

Palestinian attacker stabs pregnant Israeli woman in West Bank

Woman was moderately wounded, while the attacker was shot

CBC intentionally tries to promote the Zionist propaganda that Israelis are innocent victims and Palestinians deserve every violence that is done to them by Israelis. Nowhere in the article is the suggestion made that this pregnant woman was living in a war zone of Occupation; nor does it mention the suffering of the Palestinians which causes many of them to strike out (totally ineffectively) with knives.

CBC staff know what they are doing with this biased coverage, and they should be stopped.

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