Friday, January 1, 2016

CBC's description of Israel's killing Spree

This was published on Jan 1, 2016:

On the Israeli side, 21 people have died, mostly in stabbings, shootings and car-ramming attacks. 

At least 131 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire, 90 of them identified by Israel as assailants. The rest died in clashes with security forces.

Notice how the killing of 131 Palestinians is so cavalierly presented. No comment on the oddity of Palestinians who are attacking being killed four times more often than their victims. And the other 40 killings are casually described as happening as a result of clashes without a word about the fact that in almost every case UNARMED demonstrators were killed.

Also notice how Israeli claims are repeated as fact, not as "alleged". In fact according to Palestinian eyewitnesses, these killing have often been pure assassinations of helpless, already disarmed, attackers. Israel's policy is to KILL when ever there is an attack. These are often extrajudicial killings. Some might consider this justified, but most Canadians would view it as illegal and immoral, especially when teenagers and young women from an oppressed community are being assassinated. It is very likely that Israel is committing war crimes and CBC is intentionally not reporting this fact.

CBC has a duty to at least balance the questionable Israeli claims, with some reasonable Palestinian claims.

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