Friday, January 8, 2016

San Bernadino Tragedy

CBC published many long articles over several days on this tragedy, and of course, never failed to link the attacks to Islamic fundamentalism. But I never saw anything in CBC like the following reported in the Jerusalem Post:

The father of one of the San Bernardino killers told an Italian newspaper on Sunday that his son, Sayed Rizan Farook, had an obsessive hatred of Israel that underscored his Islamic radicalism and allegiance to the ideals of Islamic State.

The fact is that Israel's treatment of Palestinians is a fundamental factor in Islamic extremism, and it should be noted much more often in the media.

The failure to repeatedly point out how unqualified support for Israel's worst behaviours by the USA and Canada is not only immoral, but actually puts Canadians at risk, is criminal negligence on the part of CBC and the media.

Bin Laden said about the USA and Israel that " You cannot bomb our places and kill our children and not expect the same to be done to you." Stephen Harper described the Israeli massacres of children in Gaza and Lebanon as a "measured response." What in effect he was doing was pinning a target on Canadian children for the sake of Israel. CBC never pointed out this simple reality.

CBC is guilty, not only for its slanted and dishonest reporting on Israel/Palestine, it is also guilty for all the glaring facts and reality that it does not report.

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  1. I appreciate you blog, having been alerted to it today. It is a parallel to my struggle with the CBC re coverage of any and all US/NATO aggressions, most recently re Ukraine, Libya and Syria. I have referred to the CBC as "NATO imbedded" and wonder how it came to be that the the neo-cons have so completely taken over our national broadcasting.