Sunday, June 22, 2014

Believed to be - Believed by whom?

CBC reported on a recent death of an Israeli teenager and air attacks by Israel against Syria.

The article included the following paragraph:

The sudden burst of violence has added to the tense situation in Israel, where forces have spent the past week and half in a broad ground operation in the West Bank in search of three teenage boys believed to have been abducted by Hamas militants.

CBC uses the phrase "believed to be", but so far there is absolutely no evidence of Hamas involvement. None at all. The accusation came from Netanyahu who is not a credible source by a long shot.

Also note the paragraph does not even bother to mention the TWO Palestinian teenagers killed by Israeli during raids in the West Bank, ostensibly to find the "abducted" teenagers. Also it does not mention the 1,000 Palestinian homes raided, and thousands of Palestinian children terrorized by Israeli violence during the search.

Also notice the phony hyperlink. It makes it look as if the accusation of Hamas is credible and proven in another article, but it only links to Netanyahu's phony claims.

Why is this not worth mentioning? This is biased reporting as usual.

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