Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Israel's Security

On June 24 CBC published an article criticizing the lack of an appropriate response to the 7-year prison sentence given a Canadian journalist in a kangaroo court in Egypt just for being a journalist.

The article accurately points out how disgusting the behaviour of the Egyptian military has been, overthrowing democracy, sentencing hundreds to death in kangaroo courts, and banning all freedom of speech or press.

Surprisingly CBC actually gave the reason honestly. Coddling Egypt is all for Israel.

They had this throwaway line in the text:

Like the U.S., Canada's primary concern in the Middle East is Israel's security. That is the anchor of Canada's Middle East policy.

But CBC could have explained it much better, if they just noted two facts which they themselves have reported in the past:

1) Harper has praised the military coup and dictatorship in Egypt as a good thing (in his speech in Israel)

2) Harper has said Canada will support Israel "whatever the cost," This Canadian journalist is now paying this cost. Any Canadian, you or me, must also stand ready to pay a personal cost for Israel.


Also why in Heaven's name is this Canada's primary interest? It bears asking. Since when is the interests of a tiny, militarily belligerent, colonialy-expanding, brutally-occupying violator of more UN resolutions than any other, the legitimate primary interest of Canada? This actually seems absurd.

CBC, when something seems so absurd, does it not deserve more than this throwaway line?

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