Wednesday, June 25, 2014

CBC Lopsided Reporting

On June 25th, CBC had a long article on the Israeli search for the three missing teenagers headlined:

Kidnapping of 3 young Israeli men raises tensions with Hamas

Their names are uttered in cafes, printed on posters, and repeated in prayer at synagogues

In the article they talk of the suffering of the mothers who are missing their children, which admittedly must be horrendous. CBC clearly expects the world to commiserate with them.

But the same article has the following throwaway line buried in the text, without further comment:

Four Palestinians — including a teenager — have been killed by Israeli forces. More than 400 people have been arrested.

Notice the use of the passive voice. Why not write clearly "Israeli forces KILLED for Palestinians."????

So casual. A teenager is killed! Not missing. Killed. But there is no suggestion that we should commiserate with the suffering of his mother and family. No such suggestion at all.

No suggestion that killing, yes killing, FOUR Palestinians in the search is something to write a headline about. Yes, all Israeli's are concerned about the fate of the three Israeli kids, but what about the suffering of all 3 million Palestinians being subjected to collective punishment through brutal Israeli searches. What about their suffering? When will that deserve a headline, CBC????

And it is casually reported that hundreds of Palestinians have been arrested, probably on the flimsiest or even non-existence of evidence. They have been taken by force away from their families. Isn't that a kind of kidnapping? Is it justified to kidnap hundreds in the search for three?

This article and its headline are lopsided and shamefully biased reporting.

CBC, who are you working for?

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