Sunday, June 22, 2014

BDS Victory - Unreported

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanction campaign which is a non-violent campaign of resistance against Israeli occupation and injustices towards Palestinians is fashioned on the South African Apartheid campaign.

It is non-violent. It has undeniable merits. It deserves to be reported, if for no other reason, because it is a reasonable alternative to violence.

In fact the whole purpose of BDS is informational; to call the attention of the world to the REAL suffering and injustice experienced by the Palestinian people.

Information campaigns require media support to succeed. CBC refuses to treat the BDS campaign with respect and report it fairly. This makes CBC, and the Canadian people who fund it, a direct accomplice to the crimes the BDS campaign is supposed to end.

Yesterday the largest Christian denomination in North America, the Presbyterian Church voted to honour the BDS campaign and begin divestment from Israel.

This was a big victory for the BDS campaign; perhaps even a turning point, that could lead to a fair and peaceful settlement to the Israel/Palestine problem, but CBC did not think it worth reporting.

They did however report that the same meeting voted in favour of holding holding same-sex marriages.

Both these issues are important, but why does CBC report one and not the other?

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