Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vomiting = Poison Gas???

Israel and the US Government want an excuse to meddle in Syria, so they have concocted an unlikely scenario that the Syrian Government has used poison gas. This is highly unlikely because Syria has much more sophisticated weapons (like fighter aircraft) and they know poison gas will bring foreign intervention. But since Israel and The US want to deceive the public, CBC goes right along with them.

In this article on May 16th, the evidence is so flimsy as to be laughable, but it warrants a screaming headline:

Signs of Syrian chemical weapons attack reported by BBC

Here is the evidence of poison gas given in the article:

Ian Pannell also visited a local hospital where doctors reportedly said eight people had been admitted with breathing problems after the town was attacked by government artillery on April 29. The doctors said some of the injured were vomiting, and that a woman named Maryam Khatib eventually died from her injuries.

Last month, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said doctors treating several people wounded in an air raid in Aleppo, near Saraqeb, showed signs of inhaling toxic gas, such as severe vomiting and irritation to the nose and eyes.

Difficulty breathing and vomiting are often symptioms of extreme fear and stress, like the kind caused by being in the middle of a war zone. One woman died from her injuries - given the context of this statement we are supposed to assume these injuries were caused by poison gas, but since the reporter does not explicitly say that, probably it was because the injuries were bombing-related and not from poison gas. The writer's goal was just to imply poison gas, without expressing the outright lie.

Bombing in an air raid makes fires, including the burning of plastics and other chemically-treated substances. Smoke from these fires will cause irritation to nose and eyes. This is not at all evidence of poison gas. Real evidence of poison gas would involve much more serious symptoms - like death, for example.

We know that Israeli propaganda assumes the world's people are all fools, but does CBC take Canadians for fools as well?

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