Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Finally CBC has published an article that puts Israel in a bad light.

The BDS Campaign (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) organized by Palestinians as part of their NON-VIOLENT resistance to Israeli abuses of Palestinians is an extremely honourable and news-worthy activity, that has received short shrift from CBC and other North American media, precisely because it does two things:

1) highlights Israeli abuses of Palestinians
2) highlights the fact that the main initiative of Palestinians in resistance to Israeli abuses is non-violent.

Stephen Hawking is one of the highest profile supporters of the BDS campaign.

Stephen Hawking boycotts major academic conference in Israel

It would have been appropriate though if CBC had given a lot more background on the BDS campaign. The failure to do so, given the dearth of reporting on it up to now, is a sign that the CBC bias is still there.

This is all they provide by way of background  on BDS (although there are several paragraphs quoting Israelis on how wrong it is to boycott):

The boycott campaign is led by Palestinians, Israeli leftists and other supporters who oppose Israel's policies toward the Palestinians and are attuned to the power of celebrity in this age.
It has had some success, deterring a string of famous entertainers from performing. Elvis Costello and the Pixies cancelled concerts, as well as the British dance band Klaxon and the Gorillaz Sound System. Israel has also faced occasional boycotts of its academics, unions and in some cases commercial products.

What a joke! Who writes this stuff? How is it relevant to include the phrase, "are attuned to the power of celebrity in this age." There are a thousand more relevant and enlightening phrases that CBC should have used to describe the BDS campaign to its readers, but it chose this one.

The reality CBC leaves out is the scale of the BDS campaign and the strength of its support as a non-violent alternative by Palestinian civil society, and that it has some significant successes in the boycott of Israeli products as well.

 CBC also fails to give BDS its name, BDS. This cannot be an accidental omission - it is based on the notion that if you name something it then becomes more real to people. Like Israel, CBC would prefer that Canadians only know about violent reactions from Palestinians, and not focus on the popularity,  justice and the reasonableness of the main non-violent approach, the BDS CAMPAIGN.


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