Saturday, May 11, 2013

CBC Silent on Israel's Proxy Genocide in Guatemala

CBC never fails to describe Hamas and Hezbollah as being supported by Iran. They often name Hezbollah as "Iran-supported Hezbollah" as if that is the salient information about Hezbollah. Of course, this is Zionist-inspired nonsense.

But in this article about the recent conviction of the Guatemalan dictator of genocide, there is not a word about the massive role played by Israel in his brutal suppression of the native people of Guatemala. Probably Israel played a bigger role in this dictator's activities than Iran has ever even dreamed of playing in the activities of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Guatemalan ex-dictator convicted of genocide

Strongman responsible for slaughter of over 1,700 indigenous Mayans, proescutors argue

Reporting on the dictator's conviction in the North American Congress on Latin America website ( are the following paragraphs:

Known as "Brother Efraín," a fundamentalist convert of the California-based
"Church of the Word" (Verbo), Rios Montt thanked his God in heaven for
anointing him as Guatemala's president, but on earth he thanked Israel for
establishing his March 1982 military coup. Israeli press
reported that 300 Israeli advisors helped execute the coup, which succeeded so
smoothly, Brother Efraín told an ABC News reporter, "because many of our
soldiers were trained by Israelis." Through the height of *la
violencia*("the violence") or *desencarnacíon *("loss of flesh, loss of being"), between the late 1970s
to early 1980s, Israel assisted every facet of attack on the Guatemalan
people. Largely taking over for the United States on the ground in
Guatemala (with Washington retaining its role as paymaster, while also
maintaining a crucial presence in the country), Israel had become the
successive governments' main provider of counterinsurgency training, light
and heavy arsenals of weaponry, aircraft, state-of-the-art intelligence
technology and infrastructure, and other vital assistance.

A February 1983 CBS Evening News with Dan Rather program reported, Israel "didn't send down congressmen, human rights activists or priests" to strengthen Israel's special relationship with Guatemala. Israel "taught the Guatemalans how to build an airbase. They set up their intelligence network, tried and tested on the [Israeli-occupied Palestinian] West Bank and Gaza, designed simply to beat the Guerilla." Time magazine (03/28/83) chimed in that Guatemalan army "outposts in the jungle have become near replicas of Israeli army field camps." At one of these Israeli outposts replicated in Huehuetenango (among the areas hardest hit by the genocide, with the second highest number of massacres registered by a UN truth commission), Time continues: "Colonel Gustavo Menendez Herrera pointed out that his troops are using Israeli communications equipment, mortars, submachine guns, battle gear and helmets." Naturally, as Army Chief of Staff Benedicto Lucas García had stated previously: "The Israeli soldier is a model and an example to us."

Was CBC unaware of the Israeli support, or did they think it was not relevant? If the level of support Israel gave to the Guatemalan genocide is not relevant enough to mention in their report, how does CBC dare to pretend that Hamas and Hezbollah are somehow proxies for Iran and mention this ad infinitum?

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