Sunday, May 12, 2013


On May 12, there was another article on the conviction of the Guatemalan dictator of genocide, with perhaps up to 200,000 native Mayans as his victims. His crimes also included mass rapes, and the whole range of human rights abuses. Still there is no mention of Israel's strong support to this dictator.

Guatemalans celebrate as ex-dictator begins jail term

If the Guatemalan dictator had received support from Iran instead of from Israel, we can be absolutely certain that CBC would have mentioned the Iran connection in every headline, and provided extensive details in the articles.

When recently two men were arrested in Canada for plotting to bomb a VIA rail train, the tenuous, insignificant, irrelevant fact that they may have communicated in some innocuous fashion with someone in Iran, was played up in all the headlines, and the spurious Iran connection was discussed for several days. CBC was clearly trying to make the false connection between Iran and terrorism threats in Canada.

But when Israel is implicated in massive human rights abuses and genocide, it does not even rate two words of mention by CBC.

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