Friday, May 31, 2013

Self-Defence For Syria - Not Allowed

Russia is preparing to give Syria the ability to DEFEND itself from Israeli air attacks like the ones that happened earlier in May 2013.

US Secretary of State Kerry has made ridiculous remarks about Syria being able to defend itself as upsetting the region. It is highlighted in the sub-headline:

John Kerry says they could prolong civil war, hurts Israel's strategic interests

Yes, it is correct for CBC to report the inane remarks made by Canadian and American politicians, but journalism is not supposed to be just stenography - somewhere in the article CBC should have emphasized that the missile systems were defensive in nature and that every country has the right to defend itself, including Syria.

CBC never fails to quote the inane justification by Canadian and American politicians of every Israeli atrocity in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, and elsewhere as "self-defence". In the interest of balance, why has CBC not highlighted the self-defence nature of the missile systems that the Russians are providing.

Instead CBC repeats Kerry's duplicitous words by emphasizing that these systems will "hurt Israel's strategic interests". Why does CBC not say what Kerry's words actually means? What Kerry is really saying is that it is in Israel's strategic interest to be able to ignore and offend against the sovereignty of all its neighbours at will. Anything that reduces Israel's ability to bully, interfere, and harm its neighbours is bad for Israel.

Real journalists do not just repeat and echo duplicitous, war-mongering words from people like Kerry. Real journalists analyze and explain what these words actually mean. CBC is not committed to real journalism - it is committed to promoting the interests and propaganda of war-mongers.

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