Monday, February 8, 2016

The Story Continues - But not for CBC

Why does CBC tell only one fraction of the story?

One foreign woman was killed and it was a full headline article. The three young Palestinians that were killed at the same time hardly were worth mentioning.

But the story continued and CBC thought none of it was worth reporting. Israeli solders have locked down the village that the three boys came from, totally limiting the lives of 25,000 people. In the course of closing down the village, several more teenagers have been seriously injured. None of this is reported by CBC.

The villagers have no access to hospitals or their jobs or fields. This is massive collective punishment and is criminal, but CBC does not report it.

The lockdown is planned to last for one month.

Why does CBC think the death of one foreigner, is so much more important than the deaths and suffering of thousands of foreigners?

Do the reporters at CBC somehow think that the Israeli woman is not a foreigner? She is certainly not Canadian. A month or so ago a Canadian woman of Palestinian origin was wounded by the Israeli military. CBC did not report it. So why are Israeli foreigners more news worthy than Canadians?

Perhaps CBC reporters feel Israeli are our people and Palestinians are not. But where does this ridiculous notion come from? Israeli are not Canadian people any more than are Palestinians. Where does this favouritism come from?

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