Sunday, February 14, 2016

Five to Zero

Look at this headline:

5 Palestinians killed while trying to attack Israelis, Israel officials say

Four separate incidents in the West Bank and Jerusalem on Sunday

Is it really feasible that the Palestinians were all so inept that they all got themselves killed without even touching an Israeli? Very unlikely. The Israelis must have been shooting them for just thinking of attacking Israelis. This reporting from Israeli sources is so questionable that CBC should not be using it.

And it gets worse inside the article:

Earlier Sunday, the military said two Palestinians were throwing rocks at passing vehicles near the West Bank city of Jenin, and when security forces arrived the Palestinians opened fire at them. The soldiers fired back and killed the two Palestinians, the military said, adding that no soldiers were wounded in the exchange.

The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the victims as Nihad Waked and Fouad Waked, both 15 years old.

How can anyone consider the Israeli military as a reliable source? And the above does not even make any sense. The two boys were first throwing stones and then began shooting? What were they shooting? Rocks? Where would 15 year old boys get guns, and if they had them, why would they be throwing stones? This article is so full of holes CBC should be ashamed to report it without any reservations. Are they so willing to echo the lies of Israelis that they publish nonsense like this?

Where are the comments from Palestinian sources?

Why does CBC not address the fact that if these stories have any truth in them, that these Palestinians were basically committing suicide? And if so, doesn't this warrant some discussion? Why are 15 year old boys throwing away their lives so cheaply - not even touching an Israeli?

And a 17 year old threw his life away as well: As did a young woman:

Later, at a West Bank security checkpoint on the outskirts of Jerusalem, a Palestinian gripping a knife ran at Israeli paramilitary border police officers, and an officer shot and killed him, Israeli police said. No Israeli were injured. The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the Palestinian as 17-year-old Naim Safi of Abadiya village near Bethlehem.

In the evening, a 21-year-old Palestinian woman tried to stab a border police officer at a checkpoint in the West Bank city of Hebron, according to police spokeswoman Luba Samri. Security forces shot her, wounding her critically. No Israelis were injured.

And CBC quotes the Israelis saying this is all the result of incitement by social media, as if the cruel and criminal behaviour of the Israelis themselves is not the cause of all these young people throwing away their lives. It is shameful for CBC to echo the Israeli nonsense in the face of this horrendous tragedy affecting all the Palestinian families that lost their children.

Does CBC really believe they threw their lives away because of something they saw on the Internet? It is so obvious that the problem is Israel and the hopelessness and lack of hope that caused the problem. How can any decent journalist ignore this fact and quote the nonsense spewed out by the killers themselves?

Where is a sense of proportion or ethics at CBC?

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