Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Headlines Only for Israeli Deaths

CBC has no qualms of openly displaying its bias. Here is the headline today:

Palestinian militants kill female Israeli security officer before being fatally shot

19-year-old identified as victim of latest attack gripping Israel

Three young Palestinians died. They were probably driven to attack by unbearable oppression from Israel. They killed a soldier - an agent of their oppression. But CBC is totally unconcerned about the killing of these three brave young men from Palestine and is full of concern for the one Israeli occupation soldier.

Also look at the reference to the attack "gripping Israel". Five Palestinians have been killed for every Israeli, but Israel is under attack???? Israel is violently enforcing an endless occupation which is a massive attack on the lives of Palestinians, but CBC does not believe they have any right to defend themselves.

CBC wants us to believe that only Israel deserves our sympathy. Has CBC conducted a poll of Canadians and found they all despise the lives of Palestinians and adore the lives of Israelis? Not likely. There is more likely a cohort at CBC that insists, without  any integrity, in feeding their bias to Canadians whether they want it or not. Perhaps this cohort needs to be examined, and disciplined.

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