Thursday, February 4, 2016

Not News-worthy for CBC

More on the above.

CBC felt the killing of one Israeli was big news.

The killing of the three young attackers was hardly worth mentioning.

But there is more that CBC would never consider worth mentioning:

In response to the attack in Jerusalem, Israeli forces:

1) Raided the West Bank home town of the three killed Palestinians, Qabatiya

2) Using live ammunition, four youths were shot, and one is in critical condition

3) One 15-year old was run over by an Israeli jeep, and is in critical condition

4) The families of the three youths killed in Jerusalem have been told their homes will be demolished

5) The whole town will be sealed off from the world for one month

If the death of the Israeli is so important, why are all these other deaths and serious injuries related to it not even worth mentioning? Actually if Canadians are even to begin to understand the reality in Israel/Palestine, the illegal activities of Israel such as collective punishments and brutal treatment of Palestinians is even more important information that absolutely needs to be reported.

CBC does not want Canadians to know the reality of the region because the reality does not make Israel look good. Instead CC wants to pretend, as the Zionists do, that Israel is the victim and always behaving well, and all the problems arise because of the racial and religious inferiority of Arabs.

Canadians need to be told over and over again about the suffering of Palestinians and the crimes of Israel, and until CBC takes on this legitimate responsibility of honest journalism, Canadians will remain ignorant, confused and likely to support war and unnecessary violence in the Middle East.

Not only for what they report and how they report, but what they do not report, CBC's words are weaponized words.

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