Thursday, December 11, 2014

Palestinian Mister killed

Why does CBC fail to provide anything more than the sketchiest of context to this killing? Here are CBC's words:
Wednesday's events began with a march by several dozen Palestinians who headed to agricultural land near the West Bank village of Turmus Aya to plant olive tree saplings, participants said. The land is close to an Israeli settlement and mostly off limits to the village's farmers, protesters said.
Why does CBC fail to say that the land which the protestors were heading towards was privately owned Palestinian farm land, and that the "settlement" it was near was an illegal Israeli colony? Is it really enough to just say it was "off-limits", and thus implying the protestors were breaking some kind of legitimate directive? 
Isreal is constantly stealing more and more land from Palestinians. In this case it has not only stolen the land the so-called settlement is built on, but is denying access to the land around the "settlement" which is legally owned by Palestinians and desperately needed by them to survive.
This little bit of context, which CBC will claim they had no room to include, would have shown how criminal the murder of this Palestinian minister really was, and omitting it makes the article incomplete and possibly even misleading. Par for the course for CBC.

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