Friday, December 5, 2014

My complaint to CBC Ombudsman

Well, I got a reply to my complaint. Both the CBC rep and the Ombudsman agreed that my complaint had no merit; that CBC reporting on the massacre and events in Israel/Palestine in the summer of 2014 was absolutely "fair and balanced". Yeh, like Fox News is fair and balanced.

It seems both Nagler of CBC and Enkin, the Ombudsman, cannot even perceive their own biases. I may be wrong, but both Nagler and Enkin are Jewish names. Jewish people can be very liberal on a million issues, but very often, in my personal experience, on Israel/Palestine they are frequently  incapable of seeing things objectively. This is sometimes simply the result of a lifetime of indoctrination at home, in the synagogue and other Jewish organizations, that makes it impossible to see things any other way but the Zionist way.

Both Nagler and Enkin gave my complaint shoddy and insincere attention - completely ignoring the points that were most difficult for them to refute. This is a sign that they did not want to address a problem, but to cover it up - which is definitely not in the Ombudsman's mandate.

If I were to point out that it is a possible problem that both people charged with handling my complaint have Jewish backgrounds, I would be accused of anti-Semitism. But let's be honest here - Does anyone believe that if both people handling my complaint at CBC had been Palestinian-Canadians or Arab-Canadians, that the analysis would have been the same?

In my complaint I compared the asymmetry of the Jewish military attacking Gaza, to the asymmetry of the Nazi troops attacking the Warsaw Ghetto, and asked why CBC gave such sympathetic treatment to the death of one Israeli soldier, far out of proportion to the treatment given the deaths of thousands of Palestinian civilians.

Both Nagler and Enkin ignored the real intent of my comparison, which was the asymmetry in both situations, and they both declared that they found the comparison "insulting and offensive". Now really, who cares whether they were insulted or offended, why did they not address the issue which was the unbalanced reporting???

And do a thought experiment here - if Nagler and Enkin had been Palestinian-Canadians or Arab-Canadians, would they have found the comparison "insulting and offensive". Not likely. They may have said it was a bit extreme, and perhaps not relevant, but they would never have found it "insulting and offensive". It was "insulting and offensive" to Nagler and Enkin because Jewish people are very sensitive about anything Jewish or Israeli being compared to Nazis. Because of this ethnic sensitivity they chose to ignore my point, not address it at all, and instead just express their disapproval of my example. 

In fact, their entire rejection of my complaint seems to be based quite soundly on a profound Zionist bias, but if I were to say so, that would be considered anti-Semitic. It must be nice to have things both ways for Zionists at CBC. They can act like Zionists, but no one can accuse them of acting like Zionists without being branded racist!!!

If I ask the Ombudsman to let some non-Jewish experts examine my complaint (Heaven forbid that a Palestinian-Canadian should ever be allowed to do so!), I am certain I will be accused of being anti-Semitic just for making the suggestion.

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