Thursday, December 11, 2014

BC Screwy Priorities

Although CBC had no room in its article yesterday on the killing of the Palestinian minister to provide the necessary context to the events that led to his death, today CBC devoted a whole headline article to the possibility that he died from a bad heart, rather than from Israeli brutality:
"Doctors disagree on cause of death of Palestinian minister Ziad Abu Ain"
Really. considering the proven fact that there was brutality, how relevant is this issue of a possible heart attack. OK, it is worth mentioning, but a whole headline article?? Give me a break. The injustice of the Israeli response to a peaceful action by Palestinian farmers who simply wanted to plant olive tees on their own land, is barely mentioned - but there is all this space to try to exonerate the Israelis by pointing out it was a possible heart attack.
CBC's news priorities are not balanced nor are they even remotely honest. It is simply disgraceful.

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