Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Where is the Rebuttal?

A few days ago CBC presented an "interview" with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, in which he was allowed to spout the most absurd war-promoting, war-justifying propaganda. Some of his remarks were easy to remember and catchy, but totally without substance. For example, Netanyahu said "Hamas is ISIS. ISIS  is Hamas". This has as much truth in it as if someone said "Israel is ISIS. ISIS is Israel". Actually the latter is probably closer to the truth, because probably ISIS would not exist today if it were not for Israel.
Why did CBC give the leader of a state that has just butchered 500 children this opportunity to spout his nonsense?
At least CBC should have balanced this disgusting propaganda with some kind of rebuttal. Where is the rebuttal? Where is the balance?
Mohamud Abbas gave a speech at the United Nations after Netanyahu's "interview". CBC.ca did not report on it. It could have at least provided a bit of balance to Netanyahu's propaganda.
Why didn't CBC report on Abbas's speech? BBC did:
"Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas received loud applause throughout his speech
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has accused Israel of carrying out a "war of genocide" in Gaza in his speech at the UN General Assembly.
Mr Abbas said Israeli "war crimes" in Gaza should be punished, but stopped short of saying he would take the issue to the International Criminal Court."
How can CBC justify printing the words of a leader being investigated for war crimes (Netanyahu), and not publish the words of his victim? Where is the balance?
I accused CBC of imbalanced reporting to the CBC Ombudsman over 6 weeks ago and still have not had a comment from them, but they are still at it.

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