Tuesday, September 23, 2014

CBC - Platform for Israeli Propaganda

On September 23rd, CBC proudly hosted an "EXCLUSIVE" interview with Netanyahu, and gave him an uninterrupted, uncritical platform for the most absurd Israeli propaganda.

Why does CBC give Netanyahu a platform to make these claims? :

"Their (Hamas and ISIS) individual differences are minuscule and unimportant. But the fact that they use the same tactics: murdering civilians, hiding behind civilians, using their own people as human shields, executing their own people.… This is the same warped system. We fought them, you fight them now. Let's fight them together."

Israel is daily committing crimes against Palestinians, and CBC wants us to ignore this, and join Israel in a fight against Israel's enemies. Why doesn't CBC ask the question somewhere - What if Israel stopped abusing, and killing Palestinians and stealing their land? Wouldn't that be better than just fighting them? And why in Heaven's name should Canadians want to chose the option of War, against the option of JUSTICE for Palestinians. CBC is publishing Netanyahu's weaponized words, and echoing them, and this is disgraceful.

There is a world of difference between ISIS and Hamas, and Netanyahu's claim that "Hamas is ISIS. ISIS is Hamas" is pure unadulterated bullshit.

THE FACT is that Israel is a HUGE PART of the problem. If Israel did not behave so disgracefully, ISIS would have much more difficulty in recruitment.

Israeli propaganda wants to claim that their fight is our fight and that is pure nonsense. Israel is carrying out a campaign of ethnic cleansing in Palestine, and Israel is antagonizing one billion Muslims around the world, AND THAT IS NOT CANADA'S WAY.

Before we deal with ISIS, we need to deal with Israel. Israel needs to be stopped from its abuse of Palestinians and ethnic cleansing. This would be a lot more effective in fighting ISIS than dropping bombs, like Israel has recently done in Gaza. Any other approach is war-loving, murderous, and ultimately will be unsuccessful.

IF CBC was not a war-mongering institution, it would be making these points rather than echoing misleading Israeli war mongering propaganda. Where is the balance at least????

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