Friday, September 5, 2014

Upside Down Logic

On September 5th, CBC quoted a Canadian woman touring the occupied Golan Heights as follows:

Canadian Laurie Conn-Zuckerman, along with her husband and daughter, visited the lookout over the Syrian town of Quneitre earlier this week, she says, to see the threat posed to Israel every day.

"We live in a bit of a bubble in Toronto, and I think it's really important for everyone in the western world who cherishes our freedom to experience a little bit of what it's like to live every day in a country that you have to be on your toes all the time," she told me.

Conn-Zuckerman said she believes the threat from Islamist groups will only grow, adding that Canada should be doing more to stop the rise of these insurgents.

"I think if we had to send out troops in to fight for democracy, I would support that."

This statement fits nicely with the Israeli propaganda claim that somehow Israel is the FRONTLINE for Western democracy against Islamic extremism. Like much Zionist propaganda this is exactly the opposite of reality - the exact opposite of the trutrh. Not just a small lie, or a fudging of the truth, but a complete inversion of reality.

There is much evidence to believe that Israeli injustice to Palestinians, and humiliation of Arabs and Muslims, and occupation of the Muslim holy sites as was done by the Christian Crusaders, are amongst the MAIN CAUSES of Islamic extremism. If Israel behaved better, and less aggressively and brutally, there would be less extremism. Israel is a big part of the problem, not at all part of any solution.

In the interest of balance, CBC should not be publishing this garbage claim without at least outlining the opposite scenario. This woman is saying that war is the only answer and CBC is using weaponized words to echo and not refute her claim.

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