Friday, March 30, 2018

Sickening CBC coverage

CBC's reporting on Israel reached a new low today with this article:

At least 15 killed as Gaza-Israel border protest turns deadly

'Right of return' mass sit-in organized by Hamas escalated into rock-slinging, tear gas firing

Why is CBC using the passive voice and not clearly stating that Israeli soldiers killed 15 protestors? This wording leaves open the possibility that there were injuries on both sides, when the reality was zero injuries for Israelis and hundreds for Palestinians.

Also why does the sub-title focus on rock-slinging? The reality is that the rock slinging was minor compared to the lethal, murderous violence carried out by the Israeli side. The sub-heading should have said that Israel's response to the protests was excessive and murderous, and intentionally so.

The article said Israel was "hoping to deter breaches of the border fence." This is nonsense. Israel killed wantonly to try to scare Palestinians away from carrying out their legitimate right of protest against their oppression. There was exactly zero threat to Israel and the border fence. The killing was intentionally designed to discourage further protests and NO other reason.

The article refers on several occasions to "wars" between Hamas and Israel in the past. These were not "wars" and calling them that is pure Zionist double talk. In each case they were little better than israeli massacres. By repeated references to these so-called wars, CBC is pretending that Israel actually was justified in killing these demonstrators because of the "war" situation. Disgusting. 

Note the use of language in the article: CBC wrote that the event was on the anniversary of what the Palestinians call "their 'nakba'". Note "their" not "the", and Nakba surrounded by scare quotes and not capitalized. Would CBC ever dream of writing about the Holocaust, describing it for the Jewish people as "their 'holocaust'". CBC is so Zionist and unbalanced as to be a shame for all Canadians.

And CBC loves to quote Israelis, even when they are spouting absolute nonsense, like the Israel ambassador calling the protests "a violent terror-gathering". By what definition of terrorism does this qualify as terrorist? This claim is so absurd that it does not deserve to be repeated.

What needed to be written and repeated often is the fact that no Israelis were injured, there was no need to do all this killing, and that Israel needs to be censured by Canada and the world community for this travesty. There is nothing about this in this article.

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