Saturday, March 31, 2018

CBC - More on Gaza Events

The excessive use of force by Israel is so obvious it is starring everyone in the face, but the only reference to this in the article is one of the many (excessive) quotes from Israeli sources, General Maneli, who says there was no excessive use of force.

But Maneli inadvertently revealed a FACT that should have been highlighted. The killings were targeted on young men. So it was the Israeli snipers who were killing young men who were throwing rocks.

This was cold blooded murder of desperate young men who were throwing rocks at soldiers who were imposing misery on them. This is the story. Where is CBC with this story?

Why does CBC not emphasize the FACT that the Palestinians were mostly protesting non-violently, that they had ever right in the world to protest their misery, and that what Israel fears is not an invasion from Gaza, but world recognition of Israel's crimes.

The people of Gaza are suffering and they are risking their lives and safety to bring this to the attention to the world, but Zionist-controlled media, like CBC will prevent their protests from achieving its goal.

Israel snipers are killing children wantonly, and with its complicity, CBC is killing them as well. CBC is using weaponized words. As Canadians we should be ashamed that our national broadcaster is so corrupted by foreign interests.

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