Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Israel Punishes Another one of its Victims

Perhaps we should now accuse CBC of being anti-semitic for publishing this article:

Teenage girl accused of slapping Israeli soldier accepts 8-month sentence, report says

Plea deal with prosecutors reported for Ahed Tamimi, who became a celebrated figure to Palestinians

This article reveals how disgusting Israeli behaviour is, and of course, anything that makes Israel look bad is anti-semitic. Just saying the truth about Israel is denounced as anti-semitic every day of the week, so it looks like CBC is anti-semitic.

However it looks like CBC is still covering up for Israel. They do not mention that the Israeli soldiers are occupiers who invaded her home and had just seriously wounded her cousin. CBC treats as normal and acceptable the movements of Israeli soldiers in the occupied territories, so that any assault on one of these criminals is obviously not normal and must be punished.

CBC never hesitates to stick unnecessary qualifiers in front of nouns, like "Russian-supported separatists in Ukraine" or "Iran-backed Hezbollah", why does CBC not add "Occupying Israeli soldier"???

And Ahed Tamimi is not only a hero to Palestinians as stated in the sub-headline. She is a hero to all decent-minded people everywhere in the world. Why doesn't CBC give her the hero's treatment she deserves???

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