Monday, November 12, 2018

As if they were comparable

The CBC headline:

Israel, Hamas trade heavy fire after deadly Gaza incursion

This headline implies that the firepower on each side is comparable. This is a lie. They are not even slightly comparable. Israel's firepower is a thousand times greater than that of the Gaza people, who have no Iron Dome like Israel to protect them.

CBC knows is misrepresenting reality. It is intentional. It is part of a decades long campaign to make sure Canadians do not understand the Israel/Palestine reality.

Also notice in the article how CBC describes the injured Israelis in detail, but as for killed Palestinians, it is satisfied to say they were "mostly" militants. There is no need to provide any details about the civilians that were killed by Israel. Also why call them "militants" - they are freedom fighters.

CBC likes to quote the IDF tweets where the word "terror" is used in a ridiculous fashion. Everything the Palestinians do is "terror", even throwing stones, but everything israel does is legitimate "self-defence". This is turning reality upside-down, and CBC regularly echoes it.

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