Sunday, November 18, 2018

Most important country in the world

Israel is a tiny country with a tiny population, but of the 180 to 200 countries in the world, CBC treats Israel as one of the most newsworthy. Even very localized political developments are treated as headline news by CBC:

Netanyahu takes on defence post amid call for early Israeli election

If little Israel is so important, why does CBC not do a more balanced and informative job on reporting on the Israel/Palestine situation? 

CBC reports on Israel as if it is the Israeli Broadcast Corporation, not the Canadian Broadcast Corporation. CBC thinks Israel is so important to Canadians. It is as if CBC thinks that Canadians and Israelis are interchangeable. And of course this explains why CBC always reports on the Middle East from a strong Zionist perspective. After all for CBC, to be a Canadian is the same as being a Zionist. 

Go figure! Where does this come from?

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