Friday, March 7, 2014

CBC News Priorities

There is very limited space in the CBC online news website for World News, so they show their priorities and prejudices by which articles they chose to include.
Over the past month there have been a variety of atrocities committed by Israel soldiers against Palestinians that have not been covered. One teenage stone-thrower was shot in the back as he ran away; another unarmed man was shot in the head as he moved too close to the Gaza border while working his farmland; and one of the most news-worthy unreported events is the recent willful crippling of two players on the Palestinian National Football Team at an Israeli checkpoint. The Israeli soldiers shot several bullets into their legs with an obvious intention to remove them forever from the soccer field. This matter is now being taken up by FIFA, which, if it has any integrity, will remove the Israeli team from the international playing field.
CBC did not think any of this was worth reporting; however these two articles appeared about 2 weeks apart:

Dozens of Anne Frank books vandalized in Tokyo

Israel donates Anne Frank books to Tokyo libraries

It is terrible that these books were vandalized, but how is that more news-worthy than crippling soccer players in order to destroy a national team?
I have lived in Japan over 12 years and anti-Semitism is a non-issue there. Who did this vandalism? Who knows, but I cannot imagine that it was done by a Japanese poerson? The obvious question is - Qui Bono? Who benefits? And the painful answer is only Zionists benefit. Highlighting acts of anti-Semitism, even if they have to do them themselves, is useful strategy for those who want to make Israel and Jews the perrenial "victims".
And isn't it convenient for the Zionists when a petty incident like damaging library books, in a far away place like Tokyo, gets such high priority coverage in CBC?

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