Sunday, April 27, 2014

Speaking of Crimes? had an article on April 27th which reported that Mahmud Abbas said publicly that the Holocaust was the worst crime against humanity.

It also reported Netanyahu's response to this statement. He said Hamas, Abbas's partner in their new unity government, wants to commit a second Holocaust by destroying Israel.

Speaking of crimes, how about the Nakba? No one has to say it is the worst crime against humanity, but who can deny that a major crime against humanity was committed when the Palestinians were driven off their land? Also the brutal occupation of Palestine which has persisted for almost 50 years is a serious crime. 

In this context of Israel-Palestine, when speaking of crimes against humanity, does it really make sense to completely  ignore the lesser, but very serious and ongoing crime of the Nakba?

Perhaps CBC might have at least hinted that, speaking of crimes, some mention should have been made about the Nakba. Perhaps CBC might have noted that Netanyahu was being rather ungenerous and ungrateful when his only response was to make questionable claims about another Holocaust. 

Hamas may not want to have an Israeli entity sitting on their land and dictating and abusing Palestinians, but that does not come even close to meaning they want to commit a Holocaust against Jews. Netanyahu's claims are spurious and unproductive and perhaps, instead of just repeating them and echoing them, CBC could have pointed our this reality.

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