Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Piracy is Good if it is Israeli

Israel: Naval raid seizes Gaza-bound Iranian arms

Why is the above news story worthy of mention? Why did the story not mention the fact that it was an act of piracy on the high seas? Why does the article take the claims of the Israeli Government at face value? Since when is this a credible source?
Where is the journalistic integrity in CBC? There is no proof that these weapons were bound for Gaza other than Israeli claims. This headline is typical of warmongering propaganda.  Make Israel look threatened, and make Iran and the Gaza people the villains. This is so far from any objective reality, it is criminally misleading. Why is CBC in the business of warmongering propaganda?
Israel is one of the world's top four exporters of military equipment (pver 7 billion dollars per year). At any given moment millions of dollars of Israel-made weapons (proudly tested in advance on defenceless Palestinians) are on ships at sea en route to foreign militaries that often use them against defenceless civilians. Why does CBC not make this a headline news item?
No, anything to make Iran look bad is news for CBC, even if it is not credible - like PM Harper's lies about Iran having stated a desire to actually use nuclear weapons, and stories like this one where the only source is the war-promoting Government of Israel.
Canadians who pay the cost of CBC deserve better than this.

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