Monday, February 17, 2014

Naming Things

So much trouble in Africa this month between Christian and Muslim Africans.
One of CBC's today's (February 17) headlines, screams out : "Suspected Islamists kill 90 in Nigerian village raid".
About a week ago, CBC wrote about atrocities committed by Christian groups against Muslims in the Central African Republic. The behaviour of these Christian groups were no worse, and no less inspired by a blend of ethnic hatred , nationalism and religious fundamentalism than the action of the so-called "Islamists" in Nigeria.
But CBC called the Central African Republic murders "Christian militiamen". Why didn't CBC call them "Christianists"? Why can we easily throw around words like "Islamism" amd "Islamists" but would not condsider corrupting the name of the Christian religion by describing the abnormal behaviour of murderous Christians as "Christianism" and call the the killers "Christianists"?
If the corruption of the name of one religion is unacceptable, the corruption of the name of other religions displays a bias and a political agenda.
The first step in getting things correctly communicated is getting the names right. CBC is intentionally getting the names wrong.

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