Sunday, February 9, 2014

CB Does Not Suspect, CBC Knows

Iran to remove veil on nuclear detonators in UN probe

Iran agrees to explain activities in its weapons program as part of nuke deal

The above article has a sub-heading that speaks unequivocally about a "weapons" program.

In the article it becomes clear that the IAEA only "suspects" that Iran has been working on a detonator for a nuclear weapon, although the Iranians are claiming this detonator could be used, and was intended, for use in oil-exploration and extraction.

The IAEA sees this work on detonators as a "matter of concern" and is seeking more evidence, but it is clear from the CBC sub-headline, that CBC already knows that Iran is guilty.

How did CBC get so omniscient that they can know about weapons programs that other experts can only suspect?

And we can be certain putting this reference to a weapons program in a sub-headline was designed to give maximum exposure to this "fact" as CBC knows it. 

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