Thursday, February 6, 2014

Is Abdul Ali a Famous Person?

Why did CBC use the name of this miscreant in its headline?

Abdul Ali pleads guilty to disturbance on Vancouver flight

Abdul Zain Ali arrested after flight from Guangzhou landed at Vancouver airport Sunday morning

Is this name a household word in Canada? Are all readers likely to know Abdul Ali? Actually virtually know one in Canada knows this person.

Of course, all readers will recognize that Abdul Ali is probably Muslim. Is that the reason CBC put the name in the headline?

Why didn't they just write "Australian"? Is it because he was Muslim meant he was not really an Australian?

Was space an issue? Why didn't they write "Aussie".
Would they have used the name if the miscreant had a pronounced Jewish name?
I doubt it.
CBC needs fixing - it has an agenda that is not Canada's agenda.

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