Friday, August 2, 2013

So What?

On August 2nd CBC online used the headline:    IRAN'S PRESIDENT-ELECT CALLS ISRAEL A "WOUND" 

The article then quoted Israeli PM Netanyahu (Oh, how CBC loves to echo Israelis!) claiming that the new Iranian leader was thus threatening to destroy Israel. Of course, Rowhani said nothing about attacking or destroying Israel. This is just another war-mongering claim by Netanyahu who dearly wants to destroy Iran. Why does CBC repeat it without pointing out that Netanyahu is misrepresenting Rowhani's words? Is CBC into war-mongering as well? What do you think?

So what if Rowhani called Israel a wound. If the Japanese had invaded and occupied southern California, and were daily expanding their territory at the expense of Americans, would American leaders call the Japanese mini-state on their territory a dimple or a beauty spot? No "scar", "wound", "blemish" "shame" would all be more likely words, and that is exactly how hundreds of millions of Arabs and Muslims feel about the Jewish/Israeli occupation of their traditional territories.

Just because Rowhani is expressing the true sentiments of almost a billion Muslims, does not constitute a threat to destroy Israel. Is CBC or the Associated Press too stupid to know this, or so malicious that they knowingly echo war-mongering falsehoods? How in Heaven"s name would a war against Iran serve anyone in Canada? Who is CBC working for?

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