Saturday, July 20, 2013

Distorted News

The following article published on July 20 makes much of an Israeli gesture:

The whole article seeks to portray Israel as making a magnanimous gesture in favour of peace. However it only mentions as a brief aside a much more significant fact:

But, Steinitz said, other Palestinian demands will not be met, such as a freeze on settlement building and defining the 1967 lines as borders ahead of the negotiations.

If the Palestinians have agreed to waive their demand of an end of settlement building during negotiations, this is a truly significant development. This is much more worthy of a headline and a long article than Israel releasing a few prisoners. This is a much more dramatic and magnanimous gesture than Isreal's. Why is it not given a higher profile?

If Abbas has agreed to waive the demand of a freeze on settlement building, he has quite simply failed his people again. This demand was entirely reasonable and should never have been waived. When you have seen negotiations drag on for decades, while Israel steals more and more land, it is unreasonable to agree to another set of negotiations when the Israelis are demonstrating such bad faith by building settlements while negotiating.

While Israel and Palestine are negotiating how to divide a pie, Israel, the party that has already gobbled up over 80 per cent of the pie, is insisting on the right to keep eating the pie while negotiating.

By playing up Israel's gesture, and ignoring the enormity (and perhaps stupidity) of the Palestinian gesture, CBC is doing Israel's propaganda work. These negotiations are doomed to fail, as all have in the past, because of Israel's total insincerity and bad faith, but CBC and Israel will try to blame the failure on the Palestinians.

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