Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chemical Weapons in Syria

CBC online has carried many articles over the past week on a chemical weapons massacre near Damascus.

Although it has quoted Syrian Government sources a few times saying they were not responsible, the bulk of the reporting clearly pointed the finger of responsibility at the Syrian Government.

CBC knows that the US and its allies, especially Britain, but also Canada, have stated that the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Government would be a justification to intervene and massively expand the scale of Syria's civil war. So when CBC writes articles and drafts headlines pointing the finger at the Syrian Government, it is practising war journalism. It is aiding the war-mongers.

If CBC wanted to be fair and balanced, in the hundreds of lines on this topic, somewhere it would have asked the following questions:

Knowing that that the use of chemical weapons would bring the combined military might of the US and its allies on their heads, why would the Syrian Government use chemical weapons? Since they are currently winning the civil war, and are more massively armed than the rebels, why would they use chemical weapons when they do not need to use them? Why would they target women and children in their capital city, rather than rebel fighters? Why would they do this when UN inspectors are about to arrive in Damascus? Knowing they are losing the war, and desperately need US help, why wouldn't the rebels create a "false flag" attack, then try to blame it on the government? 

It is hard for any rational person to believe that the Syrian Government would be so stupid as to do the thing that would guarantee its destruction, and that Assad would authorize a thing that would guarantee he joined Gaddafi and Saddam as a murdered victim of a US intervention.

It is easy to believe that the rebels who are they only ones who would benefit from this chemical attack, because it would bring the US in on their side. and who are losing their fight, would carry out a "false flag" chemical attack.

Why does CBC not make these points anywhere in its reporting? Where in CBC's charter does it say they must not practice peace journalism, but always must be touts for war in the Middle East???

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